Central Monitoring Station

CMS is where an alarm system is monitored by a central monitoring station. It is connected by a telephone line. An alarm system normally consists of the following:

Alarm Control Panel & Back-up battery
Vibration window Grill Contacts
Magnetic Door Contacts
Motion Detectors
Roller Shutter Contacts
Siren, Siren Box, & Strobe Light

Once an alarm system has been installed, we have to program it to enable signals to be sent. There are 6 signals which we monitor:



Opening (Off Alarm)If the alarm is turned off after office hours ours operators will call the premises to obtain a verbal password for verification.


Closing (On Alarm)If the alarm is not turned on by a pre-designated time, our operators will call the person in charge to remind them (remind call).


Auto TesterThe alarm system will automatically send a test signal at regular intervals to our central monitoring station. This is done to ensure that the alarm system is functioning properly and there are no faults with the telephone line. should we not receive the signal, our operators will either call the customer or dispatch the response unit to check whether there are any visible signs that the telephone line has been cut.


Battery WeakEvery alarm system comes with a back-up battery in case of power failure. When the back-up battery becomes weak, the alarm system will send a notification to our central monitoring station. Our operators will then inform the owner to have the battery replaced.


Power FailureOperator will inform the person in charges ie; Power trip due to lightning or TNB power failure.


Opening Early (Off)Every customer has their usual business hours. For example, Monday to Friday – 9.00 am till 6.00pm. If for examples the customer turn off the alarm more than 5 minutes before the usual time, our operator will call the premises and request a verbal password for verification.


Reminder CallFor example the daily closing time for a customer is 6.00 pm. If by 8.00pm, we have not received a closing (on) signal, our operator will call the customer to remind them to turn on their alarm system.


DuressShould a customer be forced to turn off their by an intruder, they can use a different pin number and the alarm system will automatically transit a duress signal to our Central Monitoring Station. Upon receiving a duress signal, the operators will call the customer for password verification and if needed dispatch our response team and contact police.