Training Program for New Guard

Newly appointed Security Guards will undergo a comprehensive training program, which covers the basic duties and responsibility of the security guards and the basic relating to the protection of life and property.

At regular intervals, fire officers (from the local “Balai bomba”) will be invited to conduct the site fire drills and exercise at our client facility to familiarize with the latest fire-fighting equipment, techniques and procedures.

All employed guards are gives refresher training periodically to update them with the latest in security systems, techniques and procedures. Training is a continuous process in our organization where new development in the industry is passed on to all our relevant departments.


CSG (Certified Security Guard) Training

Under Persatuan Industri Keselamatan Malaysia (PIKM)
The CSG training programme comprises various modules on relevant topics, such as first aid, fire prevention, personnel discipline and integrity, effective communication, handling basic firearms and batons, and personal defence training
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